Life In Quarantine

On self-imposed social distancing

How many of us live our lives quarantined behind fences of fear, guilt and shame?

How many of us spend our days in gated communities, both real and imagined?

How many possibilities do we lose by avoiding probabilities of unhappiness?

The fact is that life is fatal and suffering is unavoidable. There’s no reason to terrorize ourselves with fear of what might go wrong if we step outside our defenses to live the life we want. Because something WILL go wrong.

You WILL be laughed at, mocked, ignored. You WILL let people down and be let down. But I’m betting that you’ll learn and laugh and love enough to more than make up for it.

Between right now and the moment we walk into the light we have a chance to sing our song, to be in community, to live outside the walls. Take it. The worst thing that can happen is going to happen eventually anyway.